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Parents respond extremely well to my group coaching approach because I don’t lecture them. Instead, I have a conversation with them. In other words, I talk with them, not at them.

I believe that, in most cases, the person who best knows how to parent their child is the parent themselves. With that in mind, I don’t tell parents what to do– I work in partnership with parents, facilitating them to discover new insights, new ways of looking at their parenting.

Over the years, I’ve learned that often it can be difficult for schools to succeed in getting parents to attend such programmes, as they may not feel comfortable with the idea. In my group coaching programme, I create a non-threatening environment, one of warmth, positivity and learning.

Why is this programme a good idea for the parents of your school?

  • Parents’ confidence and effectiveness will be increased.
  • They will gain fresh perspectives & insights, providing them with new-found clarity.
  • Parents can benefit from hearing other parents talking about their difficulties, helping to normalise their own experiences.
  • Those attending this programme will become more engaged with the school and ultimately, such engagement will help to ensure that their child completes their education.

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Being a parent isn’t always easy. All families face challenges with parenting, especially in this modern age. We all want what’s best for our children but things aren’t always clear, or easy. What aspect of your parenting life could be better?

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