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I have had a few sessions with Trevor & I have to say that Trevor is always professional in his approach. I found Trevor to be very good at his job & good at breaking things down & very thorough, I would highly recommend Trevor. Donal

I just wanted to let you know your session really helped me and I received everything I requested from my boss which is fantastic, I couldn’t have done it without you. I will be certainly contacting you in the future.

I am very glad to say that with your help and encouragement I found a new job and started this week. So far so good and the best move, so I just wanted to say thank you.

I had a pleasure to meet and work with Trevor. Trevor is very nice person, that I had immediately good contact with. Why is that? That is, because Trevor is a warm person, very honest, and modest. He listens carefully with great extent of empathy and understanding. He is the one who truly cares. You feel it. Discussion with Trevor could be seen as fantastic experience as well. His heart is oriented into helping other people. He also mentored me, understand my pain and traumatic experience I had been put through and helped me to look at the situation more objectively, and finally we both worked the way of my future conduct. I am really grateful I met such professional and very human and modest guy as Trevor. No matter what, I would recommend anyone to meet Trevor and work out even better solutions together with him. The power of Trevor is honesty and authenticity.

Thank you so much for your help today. You’re a fantastic coach. I love how you were able to listen to me and help me ask myself questions that got me enormous clarity on my situation.

I found our discussion very helpful and valuable as I move towards a return to work. Our discussion together helped me determine key focus areas as well as how best to progress. Our time together has helped me significantly and is highly appreciated during what has been a challenging and testing period for myself.

I wanted to say thank you so much for chatting to me yesterday. I’ve been thinking a lot about many of the points you hit, and I’m sure I’ll mull over them for some time. I’m looking forward to making a couple of strategic changes/informed decisions in my career. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me, and I really enjoyed the session.

Trevor has helped my 12 year old son with his anxiety and temper. He worked with me first to give me techniques to help my son and then worked directly with my son to give him tools to control his anxiety and temper in different situations. It has made for a much more relaxed and happy household.

I feel due to your great help and support, my crisis is now past-tense, and there’s no more “turbulence” to speak of. Which is really great after 2 years of consistent issues.”

My existing parenting skills failed me. The internet failed me. The textbooks failed me. The public health nurse failed me. But Clouds Away, Trevor saved me! He coached me through ongoing and escalating issues with my young sons behaviour. Trevor helped refine all the basic techniques to tailor them to my specific situations, we worked together to tweak a process until it worked! What once had me at crisis point – completely disappeared! He really got it and understood, his support to me for a few weeks was immeasurable.

Thanks for helping me frame things so far. I certainly already feel a lot less overwhelmed and feel I can more concisely speak about what I want, thanks to your help.

I was stuck in a rut and 1 conversation helped me start to take action and that action has changed my life, I’m very grateful and surprised at how simple it was. I feel more motivated and have more energy now.

I found our coaching call extremely beneficial, it helped me focus and set out my initial plan of action. You have a very tough job but I appreciate how you listened, explored and provided me with understanding, support and guidance.

I engaged Trevor’s services as a Parent Coach to help me deal with my 8yr old whom had a lot of social anxiety, anger and decision making conflicts!…I can honestly say I found each session very productive and really worked on coming up with positive goals as we explored different ideas and thinking. I was apprehensive before starting but Trevor was a pleasure to work with.
Liz, Hairdresser & Parent

I was initially very sceptical of the benefits of coaching – I wrongly imagined it as a pep talk with lots of feel-good clichés and platitudes. Instead, it was a tremendously constructive process that helped me finish a project I had been putting off for a decade, while also helping me realize why I had been procrastinating for so long. I’m thankful for Trevor’s help and recommend him wholeheartedly!
Michael, Journalist & Parent

Trevor worked with parents who were struggling to keep their children on track and in school. I believe much of the success of our School Completion Project in the last school year was due to Trevor’s input. Parents felt a genuine connection to him. I will work with Trevor again in this academic year.
Peter, School Completion Co-ordinator

Trevor ran a Parenting Programme here in the school. It was a great success and we will run it again this year. Parents reported it to be extremely interesting and informative. He focused on communicating and listening to your child while setting clear boundaries. Thank you for putting such a useful programme together Trevor.
Patricia, Home-School Liaison Co-ordinator

The biggest thing I got from my sessions with Trevor was clarity. Something I realise now was previously lacking. Clarity on what my strengths were, what I enjoyed, what I wanted, and what was possible. He helped me break down some of the practical and also imagined blocks to getting my career set up the way I wanted it. I really enjoyed his sessions, and it worked! Now, a year later, I’m very much where I want to be.
Sarah, Interior Designer

Trevor’s coaching was very insightful and helped me to take a step back and get some perspective and direction on the pragmatic realities of implementing rapid growth in my business. He also guided me to realising the implications and costs this would have on a personal level without ever being intrusive or negative. His mild positive & supportive style is refreshing. I would recommend Trevor for anyone looking for sound counsel and coaching.
Aaron, Managing Director & Parent

Working with Trevor allowed me to examine my behaviours and aspects of my life – empowering me to take back some control in my life – making me aware that I am in charge of my actions – they are not predetermined or fixed – we are fluid beings and we can achieve what we want through our own actions.
Ann-Marie, Teacher

I found the coaching sessions with Trevor invaluable. He is insightful, impartial and dedicated to working together to achieve positive results. I would highly recommend Trevor as I came away with skills which I now have for life. He has a great approach to his coaching which is explorative yet focused. Thank you, Trevor!
Grace, Team Leader

Trevor was a pleasure to work with, inquisitive and searching and challenged what I thought. Definitely helped me get more focus on what I was aiming for.
Kevin, Program Manager & Parent

I asked Trevor to help me to improve my use of time and management of different conflicting priorities. Our sessions helped me greatly to come up with a few practical arrangements to focus on different activities and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Trevor is a very attentive listener and challenged me with constructive questions that helped to peel back a few layers and get to some root problems, like the motivation behind my work and priority-setting, that I now feel better able to recognise and address. I was very impressed by Trevor’s ability to capture and summarise both the thrust and the detail of our discussions, and by his meticulous note-taking. This greatly helped us to track progress and the evolution of the original goal I proposed to work on. Likewise, I appreciated Trevor’s flexibility with time and no-stress approach to our sessions. Trevor displays a fantastic mix of qualities that people like me look for in a coach: professional, empathetic, insightful, rigorous. I felt at all times that he was ‘there’, 100% focused on our work together and looking for ways to help. I would (and will) recommend Trevor to anyone looking for coaching support with life and professional skills.
Francesco, Epidemiologist & Parent

I really enjoyed the experience of coaching with Trevor. The sessions were very productive and he was a pleasure to work with.
Together, we explored new ways of thinking which facilitated me to take the necessary steps to reach my goal.
James, Civil Servant

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