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Parent Coaching, Teenage Coaching, Personal Development Coaching & Career Coaching

Welcome! If you are looking for a moving-forward, problem-solving approach then you’ve come to the right place. The combination of my Psychology and Coaching training provides for a very unique service. I have a real gift for helping people formulate where they’re at and articulate where they’d like to be. If you’re feeling a little ‘stuck’ then this is the service for you.

Trevor Higgins

Parent Coaching in Dublin

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in
Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching. I also have over 20 years of real-world experience working with children, teenagers and parents in a variety of capacities and services. My approach is non-judgmental, empathic, supportive and respectful, with complete confidentiality.


Coaching Services for Parents, Teenagers & Schools
Parent Coaching

I provide one-to-one Parent Coaching sessions (in person, over the phone & via Zoom). During these sessions, we’ll explore what’s going well and see where things could be improved.

Teenage Coaching

I provide one-to-one Teenage Coaching sessions (in person, over the phone & via Zoom). Together, we’ll figure out what you want and how to get there. Parental consent required, if under 18.

Personal Coaching

I provide one-to-one Personal Development Coaching sessions (face-to-face, over the phone & via Zoom). Coaching is an effective way of getting clarity in your life.

Career Coaching

I provide one-to-one Career Coaching sessions (in person, over the phone & via Zoom). These sessions aren’t generic or cookie-cutter, but instead tailored to the client’s unique situation.


I engaged Trevor’s services as a Parent Coach to help me deal with my 8yr old whom had a lot of social anxiety, anger and decision making conflicts!…I can honestly say I found each session very productive and really worked on coming up with positive goals as we explored different ideas and thinking. I was apprehensive before starting but Trevor was a pleasure to work with.
Liz, Hairdresser & Parent

I was initially very sceptical of the benefits of coaching – I wrongly imagined it as a pep talk with lots of feel-good clichés and platitudes. Instead, it was a tremendously constructive process that helped me finish a project I had been putting off for a decade, while also helping me realize why I had been procrastinating for so long. I’m thankful for Trevor’s help and recommend him wholeheartedly!
Michael, Journalist & Parent

Trevor worked with parents who were struggling to keep their children on track and in school. I believe much of the success of our School Completion Project in the last school year was due to Trevor’s input. Parents felt a genuine connection to him. I will work with Trevor again in this academic year.
Peter, School Completion Co-ordinator